Causes of Fine Thin Hair

No matter is it is a male or female, all of them are embarrassed to find out fine and thin hair growing on their scalp. This is also the main reason behind the increase in hair fall. Well, it is always better to investigate the cause of your hair strands getting thinner especially in the cases when it is happening just out of nowhere all of a sudden.

Teaming up with your doctor is one of the best methods that you can use in order to find out the exact reason behind your affected hair. Searching for the reason will provide you with the option to explore through the solutions to cure the problem that you are stuck with. But if you have such type of hair, try you can try to use short hairstyles for thin hair

reasons of fine thin hair


Some of the medications that you take might also have an impact on your hair and make it fall out thin. Some of these medications that you might consume include the birth control pills, antidepressants or the blood thinners.

These surely can be one of the major reasons for fine thin hair. That is why it is always recommended that you must test the medicine to be compatible with your system before consuming it.

In case you notice any kind of sudden change after starting any new medications it is better to consult a specialist immediately without wasting any more time. You also need to talk to the doctor to change and recommend another medicine type to manage the condition that you are dealing with.


In case your family has a history of thin and fine hair cases are that you might get that too. Another common reason for thinning hair in men is the male pattern baldness running in the family. In case you are a woman with fine hair and are dealing with this problem, it can happen easily because of something your ancestors suffered from. Genetics play an important role in the growth of our hair, and it can easily cause our hair to grow finely.

There are drugs that you can use in order to slow the hair loss.

But make sure to only take the drugs after being recommended by the professionals and not on your own.


According to a huge number of studies that have been conducted in order to figure out the causes of thinning hair stress has been found to be one of the topmost reasons behind it. When you happen to go through any kind of situation that is extremely stressful like divorce or losing someone very close or even when you are stressed out because of work, the chances are that you will encounter problems with your hair as well.

It is because when your brain deals with stress, your hair goes to the resting phase instead of the growing phase that they were previously in. This makes your hair go finer and thinner. The only solution to this cause is to regain the lost happiness in your life, and your hair will go back to normal.