Understanding the dynamics of collective human attention has been called a key challenge for the information age. Regarding the Social Web, the challenge is to understand to what kind of topics or services do people pay attention to? In particular, we ask: Can we predict future interest in services, topics, or marketing messages?

The goal of this research topic is to leverage the value of Open Data for e-business, e-government, or entertainment and to deploy mechanisms for public engagement by collecting and harnessing Open Data. Using Open Data in these contexts facilitates many innovative applications.

Big Data usually refers to data sets of sizes that exceed the capabilities of commonly used hard- and software tools to manage, process, and interpret the data. Nowadays everybody who is digitally networked produces and consumes significant amounts of data and therefore contributes to the ever expanding global data volume. Moreover, data such as audio, video or Voice over IP, and the associated telepresence applications such as Skype are dynamic media objects.

The recent enormous progress of Internet technologies and the availability of vast amounts of data on the Web have led to an era in which Internet services are becoming vital components of our professional and social lives. Using the latest technological advancements, the SoFWIReD project aims to build and maintain reliable and scalable Internet services and to provide users with personalised and privacy-preserving solutions.

SoFWIReD – A joint venture to shape the future of the Web

University of Southampton in the UK and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany work together in a collaborative venture in Web and Internet Science.

The project goal is to develop a comprehensive, interoperable platform for data and knowledge-driven processing of Open Data and to investigate aspects of collective intelligence.

The insight generated in the project will thus form the basis for supporting companies in the collective intelligence transition by consulting, organisational development and software solutions.